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ProcessingJS for Windows And Windows Phone is a Coding4Fun project that allows developers to write ProcessingJS sketches for interaction and display in Windows and Windows Phone.

Created with ProcessingJS Sketchbooks For Windows


This project contains a set of "Sketchbooks" that developers can use as a springboard to build their ProcessingJS sketches in Visual Studio. Each sketchbook project contains the scaffolding to host, display and interact with ProcessingJS in a native Windows or Windows Phone application.

For examples of creative coding (which utilizes these Sketchbooks), go to Creative Coding with ProcessingJS to see videos, tutorials and samples.


  1. Getting Started in ProcessingJS - programming a bouncing ball
  2. Simple Particles  - random motion
  3. Jelly Blobs - easing and elastic motion
  4. Simple Emitter - animation queues and life cycles
  5. Fibonacci Flowers - trigonometry in design
  6. Direction and Rotation - tangents and rotation
  7. Mouse, Pen, Fingers - multi touch interactions
  8. Collision and Bounce - programming angled collisions
  9. Working with Images - loading graphics and recursion
  10. ProcessingJS and Windows Phone - getting your sketch on your Windows Phone

Created with ProcessingJS Sketchbooks For Windows


Grab the applications

ProcessingJS for Windows - a micro-IDE in the Windows Store that allows users to write, view and export ProcessingJS sketches.

ProcessingJS Reader for Windows Phone - view your ProcessingJS sketches on your Windows Phone. Share sketches by emailing them or sharing them via NFC. Available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Background on ProcessingJS

ProcessingJS is an open source visual programming language for the web. ProcessingJS (and its sister project Processing) were created to give people a simple way to programmatically create visualizations, interactions, animations, and so much more. It is simple enough to learn that many use it as an introductory platform for teaching the concepts of programming.

Github for ProcessingJS

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